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Enable Debug Menu via Strings

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Target game:
Zombie Anarchy - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zombie-anarchy-strategy-war/id1022301472?mt=8   Keyword 1: Cheat
Keyword 2: Infinite Keyword 1:
Search for cheat in your stringwindow, you see a string mc_cheatsbutton xref it and take a look at the function.
QPoAWVX.png Noping the conditional branch will force load the button, also we can enable 2 more buttons here. Start the game and a new cheat button appeared. Now we need the menu bit added back. Take a look at the function. Right under the "onclicked" string.
ADR X3, sub_1000C8D1C
Take the subroutine and you see it unconditionally branches at the end, so follow the route.
Take a look at some branches.
xpGkExk.png One leads to this.
2DB8JdF.png From here on it should be pretty straight forward what to do. Go back to the previous subroutine and nop out the first two conditional branch forcing the menu to load. You might have to enable battle menu button and the menu bit, inside the debug menu, should be obvious what to do, but here is some hint.



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