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Final Fantasy 7 - Gold Saucer Date Hack

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As we all know (or should) we go with Aeris on a date in Gold Saucer around end of disk 1. Now she is not the only candidate.
Tifa, Yuffie and BARRET are also available. Who we go with simply depends on what answers we giving during the dialogs.
If we are kind they get + points. If we are rude they get - points. We can exploit this simply using memory hack. What we need is, GamePlayer and iGameGuardian(or only iGG, up to you, i just cba to switch all the time and gameplayer fuzzy works pretty good :P) The perfect spot to locate the values are in the shinra building cells. I know its pretty early in game, i will attach a savefile. After Rude and Tseng escort us to Shinra President we find ourselves locked in a cell with Tifa. Don`t go to the door, talk to her first.
Top answer +1 point, bottom answer -1 point (we can repeat this as much as we want). Now here is the trick we can start fuzzy search here.
Do a search without adding any value. 
Talk to Tifa and select top.
Search now "became bigger" 
Repeat this 3-4 times.
Now when talking to Tifa again, select bottom option.
Search "became less".
Repeat this until you end up with a value like this:
56 is our actual point in this case. (this is just example value, use common sense) As soon as we located the memory address go to iGG. 
Select the game, and go to memory. 
Enter your memory offset to the top right box and click on go to.
In top left corner see a button called "Format"
Hit it and select "integer" and "8 byte"
Now you should be seeing Tifa`s points. Above her points is Aeris`. Third value should be 10 as thats Yuffie base point and at this point she isn`t in the party yet. 4th one should be Barret`s.  I wouldn`t set these higher than 255, you can edit them anytime as soon as you have them and you don`t kill the game. Regarding the savegame:

Unzip it and Copy it to the game`s Documents folder then start the game.Select slot 7. You will start on floor 67, make your way to floor 66 via stairs, head into the lift, hit the button and Rude will walk in along with Tseng and you`ll be on your way to cells.
After found values, play until you get in a fight, get killed fast (Bolt3 works fine targeting our team instead of enemy :P), load your savegame, and you`re good to go. http://iosddl.net/ca3a645b3f64a558/save06.zip Have fun :) PS.: Cloud is such a lil fag haha... Barret... Daaaaamn Player :thinking:

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