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more strings steamworld heist

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Perfect game to practice strings hacking on ;)    popup_cannot_afford_title
obviously w10 holds the value of our current money Alternative way:
max amount in game is 999999
arm64 dont use the straight value (F423F) but this instead:
MOV             W23, #0xF0000
MOVK            W23, #0x423F

Search 423F and you can hack it a million ways. I'v added a bunch of hacks to this. Reputation
Around 3 hits, null all the BL under the strings. Result: free recruits and no rep req in shops when buying weapon. Multipliers
There are a bunch of multipliers, search playerdamagemultiplier.
Use float for multipliers.
For player damage if want big number, use s2 (that holds some massive amount)
the value s2 holds nulled when starting a 2nd game or so --->
Otherwise mov s0, #30 does the job fine, here we can also null enemy damage (untested)
For playerhealthmultiplier it does not affect the current health but it affects max health. Easy fix, after we level up the captain, just use the aoe heal after we gather up all the team around the captain (which heals all inspired units) and HP is maxed.
experience multiplier
Mov s0, #30 gives a nice amount
// to note, we are overwriting the BL instructions under the strings, not returning a value in the subroutine. Also make sure to read the code, if it's an STR (or any alternative) under the BL then we can return a value since the "global" subroutine would calculate the original value. Skill exploit:
Action_disabled_cooldown_feedback Simply force branch to the location where it conditionally branches to, bypassing the errors.
Result: we can use skills anytime, any amount.  
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