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ffbe crc pwn

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This bypass should still be working, it never got patched directly (well it probably is now, haven't looked at the binary in ages), however after 2.2.something they added an extra check before missions, which crashed the game. It would still get you to the menus (with hack enabled) without crashing, but won't be able to do quests.   Search strings: crc, there will be a few hits. Just pick one. (e.g. EnableTocCrc)
It will take you to the subroutine full of crc related strings.
Xref, see where its being called from.
get 2 hits. First one is simple, just null it. (w0, #0)


This will bypass the first check at start loading screen. (otherwise it crashes)
Ok thats done. Another crash after 20 seconds in game.
Look at the 2nd xref. Now it is one nasty f***er. 
First we need to bypass that part where crc subroutine is being called.
Force branch it to the location, job done.


Add the random menu bypass (Abi:):


And in the previous subroutine, also take a look at the errors and bypass everything possible.





+ i found a solo crc string lead to another subroutine, i figured lets take that off too


Thats all.

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